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ABN Genuine Leather Luxury Steering Wheel Cover Wrap Universal Fit 15-Inch

  • $9.99

The ABN Genuine Leather Luxury Steering Wheel Cover Wrap, 14.75 - 15” Universal Fit 15-Inch is easily installed by slipping over your steering wheel. The snug fit offers a stylish, trendy upgrade to your vehicle’s steering wheel with its detailed wrap design. The cover is designed to fit all standard steering wheels 14.5” to 15”  or 37-38cm in diameter. Not only stylish, the cover increases your grip for ultimate steering performance and control on the road. It protects your hands from the extreme heat and cold of the seasons. The cover is quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth. AutoBodyNow offers a wide variety of quality, affordable and colorful Genuine Leather and PVC Leather steering wheel wrap cover options so that you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your style and needs. Easy Install Directions: use a hair dryer first to warm the steering wheel cover (up to 5 minutes, avoiding direct contact) to make the leather more pliable and easier to slip over your vehicle's steering wheel.

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