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Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book

Electronic Specialties 182 Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book

  • $42.28

  • Covers all aspects of vehicle electrical concepts and problems
  • Unique indexing makes finding the subject easy
  • Covers voltage drops, meter usage, battery testing
  • Starters, alternators, corrosion shorts
  • Vehicle electronics explained

Electronic Specialties 182 Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book is a complete 200 page guide to every aspect of electrical troubleshooting.

  • Book easy to understand.
  • Information explained in a way that is useful in the shop. 
  • Written by a mechanic for real world, hands-on testing. 
  • Voltage drop explained - Corrosion causes.
  • Batteries/Testing explained - relays, potentiometers, resistors, solenoids.
  • Voltmeters explained - finding shorts to ground.
  • Battery draws explained. 
  • How-to-read schematics. 
  • Applies to Automotive, Heavy-Duty, Equipment, Machinery, Marine.

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