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Flexyframe LD - Front Bumper Guard, Front Bumper Protection

  • $17.99

flexyframe is a state of the art, flexible, rubber bumper guard and license plate frame in one. Its sleek, sexy design will protect your car scratches, dents and dings due to minor fender benders and the careless parking of others. It is specifically designed to protect your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to remove the bumper guard from your car. Our flexyframe LD is the Winner of the 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award for Best New Product of the year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas! The reason why is: • Compliments the appearance of your vehicle, especially suv's, vans and muscle cars, without driving any attention to it. The sleek wrap around design blends seamlessly into the design of any car. • Patented screw guard design not only covers your unsightly screws but provides your bumper with dual protection against scratches, dents and dings. • flexyframe wraps your license plate inside of it insuring no metal will ever touch your car. • Upon impact the rubber frame compresses from both sides reducing the probability of paint chipping on your front bumper. • flexyframe will not rust, crack or peel and can withstand extreme temperatures. • flexyframe can be mounted to all makes/models and installation is quick and easy. All this adds up to flexyframe LD keeping your car looking new and beautiful. Flex it and Protect it! SCREWS ARE INCLUDED We include (4) # 12 x 1 inch long screws with every order of flexyframe LD.

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