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3M 08463 Flexible Foam - 200 ml -

3M 08463 Flexible Foam - 200 ml

  • $37.28

  • Two part urethane which foams in place
  • Designed to replace flexible foams found in OEM applications such as trunks, door cavities, door skins, roof beams, etc.
  • 200 mL Cartridge

Product Description:

3M™ Flexible Foam is a soft and flexible two-part urethane material which foams in place (closed-cell foam). It is designed to replace OEM's flexible foams found on door intrusion beams, roof bows, inside body panels, pillars, and in other automotive body cavities. Expands to 10 times its original volumeto fill large cavities with a small amount of material. Can be used for OEM replacement of flexible foams to "pre-accident condition" as much as possible.

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