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Astro Pneumatic 21FX LED Waterproof Flex Light with Magnet

  • $19.00

The Astro Pneumatic Tool 21FX 21 LED Waterproof Flex Light with Magnet is the ideal lighting for lighting up those dark locations whether working under the hood, changing a tire, wiring a home theater, looking through your tool box, switching on a breaker in your home fuse box, or more. Designed with a base magnet and hook that ensures ease of mounting and clear visibility, the Astro Pneumatic Tool 21FX is great to have in case of emergencies. No matter the need, the potential uses of this light are endless. Place it on a flat surface as a freestanding light, adhere it to most metal surfaces for convenient lighting, or bend, fold, wrap, or hook it around objects to make your work easier. The bright light beams (60 Lumens) will provide light exactly where you need for maximum visibility. This light is composed of waterproof silicon and has three different light settings (& LED Strip, 21 LED, and 21 LED flashing). Activate each setting by pressing the on/off button. This light requires 2xAAA batteries. With the Astro Pneumatic Tool 21FX you have perfect light visibility while being able to use both hands. Specifications: LED Life: 100,000 hours; Brightness: 60 lumens; Material: ABS & Silicon.

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