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Lisle 57780 Automotive Electricial Terminal Remover Tool for Ford Connectors

  • $13.54

  • Works for Ford and even other electrical connectors and terminals
  • Releases wires quick and easy without damge to the terminal or wires
  • Bevel ground on the end of the single blades can be used for working on small wire terminals from newer vehicles
  • Releases wire quickly and easily
  • Doesn't damage wires or terminal blocks
  • Single blades come with a bevel ground onto the end for easier use on small wire terminals

The Lisle 57780 Terminal Tool works on many Ford and other electrical connectors and terminals. Lisle 57780 releases wires quickly and easily without damage to the wires or the terminal block. A bevel ground onto the end of the single blades allow for easier work on small wire terminals that can be found on newer vehicles.


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