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Fiberglass Evercoat FE 420 Easy Sand Finishing & Blending Putty, 24 oz. Tube

  • $35.49

EASY SAND is a two-part flowable polyester finishing and blending putty. Contains Hattonite for optimum sanding performance. Ideally suited for filling and skim coating body work, pinholes, grind marks, low spots and other surface imperfections. Includes ZNX-7 for adhesion to galvanized metal, aluminum and steel. Part of the METALWORKS System. Blue cream hardener included. Applications: Use as a finish coat over body filler repair areas to fill minor defects, deep sand scratches and pinholes prior to applying primer surfacer to improve the efficiency of the primer coat. Can also be used to fill minor body damage up to 1/8" in depth.

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