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Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit, Made in USA

  • $26.99

Tire repair anywhere with the ULTRALITE, the entry model for Dynaplug kits. Using a Dynaplug removes the common practice of increasing the size of a puncture hole by reaming. This eliminates the need for a second tool and prevents further damage to the tire caused by reaming the hole to a larger diameter with abrasive tools used in other types of external repair. No Glue Required - After use, tubes of glue dry out in a short time and when you need it again it's dried up. Because repair plugs retain an indefinite sealing characteristic, no glue is required for install or to store for future use. Machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum with a softer silicone end cap, this is the lightest weight Dynaplug at 2 ounces. The standard tool kit includes 4 repair plugs and 1 insertion tube; the interior storage compartment holds extra tubes and plugs. You can buy the air stopper tool and clearing attachment separately. The Dynaplug solution is designed to repair a punctured tire in just a few minutes without taking the tire off the wheel. Remove the puncture, align the plug, push and pull. You don't need anything more than the tool and the repair plug to permanently seal the puncture hole from the inside out without compromising the tire balance. One plug seals a puncture from an object like a nail, screw or staple the size of a 16D 3½" long nail. Dynaplug repairs punctures in tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, campers, motor homes, RVs, garden tractors and more. IN ADDITION, Dynaplug is compatible with run flats and tires with pressure monitoring sensors. Add Dynaplug to your other vehicle repair tools and save time and money with a solution you can use with confidence. The Dynaplug® solution was certified by UTAC, a European vehicle test laboratory, for permanent repairs in the tread area for clean punctures up to the size of a 16D penny common nail and driven at speeds up to 90mph for testing purposes.

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