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Deep Locking C Clamp

Irwin Vise Grip 9DR 9" Deep Locking C-Clamp

  • $20.00

Vise-Grip® Locking C-Clamps Take On More!This Vise-Grip llocking tool is designed for welding, automotive woodworking and steel framing professionals.The VISE-GRIP 9DR locking c-clamp works on a variety of shapes and sizes.With an extra throat depth of 4-3/4 inches, they provide greater reach than other locking c-clamps.Tool includes jaws with increase flex, allowing a range of sizes to be clamped without changing the adjusting screw.Built Tough - VISE-GRIP locking pliers are built to last a lifetime.They are made from high-grade alloy steels and heat-treated for maximum toughness and durability.Each tool is treated with a bright, nickel-plated surface for an attractive, corrosion-resistant finish.Jaws Hold From Any Angle - Once in the locked position, this tool will not slip.The jaw curve of VISE-GRIP locking pliers puts tremendous pressure on four points of contact on any style nut or bolt head.This special design works equally well on flat and odd-shaped pieces.Adjusting Screw Gives Exacting Pressure - VISE-GRIP tools can be adjusted for pliers action, or to lock onto various sizes of materials with just the right amount of pressure.Simply turn the adjusting screw to fit the work, then squeeze the handles with one hand to lock.The tool stays adjusted for repetitive use.Controlled Power, Guarded Release - Controlled power means a simple hand squeeze can put up to one ton of pressure between the jaws.The pressure of a fingertip clicks open the locked jaws to allow for quick repositioning.The unique guarded release trigger lever helps prevent accidental release and pinching.Irwin 30 Vise-Grip 9DR 9" C Clamp with Regular Tip - 4-1/2" Jaw Adjustment

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