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Rust Fighter-I

3M 08892 Rust Fighter-I Aerosol - 18.75 oz.

  • $25.25

3M 08892 Rust Fighter-I Aerosol - 18.75 oz.

  • A non-hardening corrosion protection coating for internal cavities in a quart can. Also known as a cavity wax.
  • Designed to provide a self-healing, corrosion protective coating for inner body panels and frame rails.
  • Accessories: Bondo(R) Easy Finish(R) Aerosol Trigger - PN00128.

Product Description

3M 08892 wax comes in tan and is packaged 18.75 oz per inner. Can be used with metal.

Features and Benefits:

  • A-style plugs are case hardened steel, plated to resist rust
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 300 PSI
  • Maximum temperature: 250 degrees F
  • Air flow: 34 SCFM

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