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HVLP Control Spray Sprayer

HVLP Control Spray Sprayer Wagner 417005

  • $57.15

  • Great for spraying thin materials like deck stain, wood sealers, and more
  • 3 pattern shapes
  • 4 PSI at 40 cfm
  • 1.5 quart sprayer cup
  • Light plastic housing and reservoir
The Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer uses HVLP air technology to spray thin materials with maximum control and lower overspray than traditional sprayers. Pattern shapes can be changed from vertical or horizontal fan patterns for larger surfaces to round patterns as well as for more detail work. Trigger allows for material size and flow rate adjusting. Sprayable materials include deck stains, clear wood sealers, waterproofers and enamels. Great for deck railings, yard play sets, kids toys, and yard furniture.

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