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Cleaning and Protectant

CAIG DeoxITGOLD G5 Spray- G5S-6

  • $19.99

DeoxIT GOLD G5 Spray (NSN-6850-01-435-6475) 5 percent solution 142. Unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant for PLATED metal surfaces. Improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces fretting & dendrite corrosion, and stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. DeoxIT7 GOLD also reduces wear and abrasion, arcing, RFI and intermittent connections and improves connector performance/reliability. Ideal for gold plated surfaces. On oxidized surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIT7 contact cleaner. Temperature range: -45 to +240oC.

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