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Scotch Brite Roloc Clean And Strip XT Disc

3M 07470 Scotch-Brite 4" Roloc + Clean and Strip XT Disc

  • $13.04

3M Scotch-Brite 7470 Non-Woven Silicon Carbide Quick Change Disc

Product Description

3M Scotch-Brite non-woven 7470 quick change disc uses silicon carbide as the abrasive material and has a diameter of 4 in. Since this product is non-woven, Grade is generally used to describe the abrasiveness; with the 07470 having a very coarse grade. All abrasive products that rotate or spin, such as the ones in this category, have a maximum speed at which you can run them. This 3M quick change disc can be run at a maximum speed of 8000.

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