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Antigravity Batteries XP5 Jump Starter Power Supply Kit Antigravity AG-XP-5

  • $74.99

  • The XP5 jump starter and power supply kit easily jumpstarts vehicles and charges USB devices
  • Small and lightweight; Size of a smartphone; 5.3 inch x 3 inch x 0.5 inch; 8 ounces
  • LED flashlight with bright, steady beam plus two flash patterns including SOS beacon
  • Built-in protection (for over-charge, overdischarge, and short-circuit); Battery Capacity Indicator (lighted for easy viewing); Automatic power-Off (when not in use); Battery capacity - 6000 mah 26.6 Wh; Full Charging Time - 2-3 hours; Operating Temperature - -20C to 60C
  • Package includes: 1x nylon carry case; 1 x Micro-Start XP-5 PPS jump starter; 1 x mini jumper clamps; 1 x 4-into-1 USB cable; 1 x wall charger; 1 x car charger
The Micro-Start XP-5 offers safety and convenience as a reliable, portable power supply and jump starter. Charge it once and have peace of mind wherever you go, knowing this lightweight, compact size jump starter has your back. It is the size of a smartphone, yet powerful enough to jump V6 motors multiple times. The device includes an LED flashlight with a bright, stead beam plus two flash patterns. The XP-5 also charges USB devices such as tablets, cell phones, cameras, iReaders, and bluetooth devices. This is a great gift for the driver, traveler, camper, or student in your life. Whether you encounter trouble on the road, miles from the nearest town, or you simply can’t find an open seat near an outlet at the local coffee shop or airport terminal, the XP-5 keeps you powered and going strong!

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