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Rage Xtreme High Performance Premium Lightweight Body Filler

Fiberglass Evercoat 120 Rage Xtreme High Performance Premium Lightweight -1 Gal.

  • $52.58

Rage Xtreme is the first truly pinhole-free premium lightweight filler in the market! Rage Xtreme is formulated with advanced air release agents and self-leveling properties that, when mixed and applied properly, allow entrapped air to migrate to the surface and release. Combine this technology with our vacuum mixing, processing and packaging, and watch the painter become your best friend! Easy spreading formula - self-levels to provide a smooth surface that is free of voids, making Rage Xtreme easy to shape and work! Easiest sanding premium filler - Rage Xtreme uses improved talc and fillers to provide easy sanding. After knocking down the high spots with 40 grit (if necessary), it easily shapes and finishes with 80 grit sandpaper. Excellent vertical hang - Rage Xtreme self-levels without loosing its ability to hang on vertical surfaces. Use up to 1/4 on vertical panels without sagging!

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