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Automotive Engine Performance Restoration Supplement

BG109 Compression Engine Performance Restore BG EPR

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  • Latest production date stamped on bottom of can
  • New 11 oz. (325 mL) can
I recently received a testimonial from a service technician in Wichita, Kansas. He told me his customer brought in a 2006 Chevy with 3.6L engine, and the oil light was on. It had been 15,000 miles since the last oil change! Her engine was completely sludged, and it actually sounded like a diesel. The technician figured it needed a new engine; but then remembered his BG rep talking about a BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration®. The tech admitted he didn’t think it would work; but what the heck. He cleaned the valve cover and pan and did two oil changes using BG EPR®. Much to his surprise, halfway through the second service, the engine quieted and smoothed out. He saved that lady several thousand dollars, and she’s still driving the car today! The longer I work at BG, the more I’m amazed at what all of our products do. In the last several years, I’ve heard great things about BG EPR® from technicians from here to Nigeria. Since the introduction of BG EPR® (originally named BG 109) in 2005, we’ve seen nothing but OUTSTANDING test results. 109The results are in: BG EPR® is outstanding! Original testing of BG EPR® consisted of performing before and after compression tests with an oil change including BG EPR® in between. Compression affects the overall power output and drivability of the engine. Results from multiple vehicles proved that BG 109 did raise compression. The results also showed an improvement on individual cylinders that were showing lower compression than the other cylinders of the same engine.

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