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Cordless Sight Work Light (Bare Tool)

Metabo BSA 14.4-18 LED 18V Sight Light Bare Tool, Green/Grey

  • $146.76

  • Power 2 light mode - 1100 lumen and 1800 lumen
  • High performance: 18 LEDs delivering bright extensive and equal light.
  • Operation with all Li-power compact, plus and extreme Metabo battery packs with 14.4 and 18 V
  • Light can be swiveled quickly and infinitely by 180 degrees
  • Minimum heat generation: the light gets only warm to the touch.
The Metabo BSA14.4-18 LED Site Light is design for the professional user and runs on all Metabo Li-power battery packs. With 18 powerful LEDs, this light produces a powerful, bright, and equal light able to produce wide illumination of rooms and work areas. The two modes allow the user to adjust the illuminations from 1100 lumen on low to 1800 lumen on high. The light can be swiveled quickly and infinitely by 180 degrees and its base is designed for stationary usage on the ground, wall or tripod. The Metabo BSA14.4-18 LED is sold as a bare tool and comes without battery and charger.

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