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DA Compound Power Pack

Meguiar's G3501 DA Compound Power Pack

  • $13.25

Meguiar’s DA Compound Power Pack is the perfect combo to take out swirl marks, water spots, and oxidation from your vehicles. Works to easily restore color and clarity to abused and neglected paint finishes. Removes oxidation, scartes, water spots, and other paint defects from vehicles with ease. Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound’s revolutionary formula cuts as fast as harsh abrasive compounds WITHOUT scratching the vehicle, even while being used on clear coat finishes. Compound Power Pads increase the amount of defect removal. These 4” pads move quickly in open space, yet are small enough to reach any tight spot. With the DA Compound Power Pack, getting your paint car show ready just got easy and fun! Includes: (1) Ultimate Compound and (1) DA Compound Power Pad.

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