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ArmOR Hand Glove | Full Finger Animal Handling Gloves, Medium Kevlar Veterinarian Zookeeper Wildlife Handling Gloves

  • $180.00

  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Made from washable 100% DuPont Kevlar with stretch cordurastands up to wear and tear better than traditional leather gloves
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: Perfect for zookeepers, veterinarians, animal control and other animal handlers allowing for safe and proper restraint technique
  • FULL FINGER GLOVES: Premium Kevlar protection that allows you to independently move all 10 digits for greater flexibility and dexterity when clipping nails, administering vaccines, ear cleaning & more
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Safe and reusable; water-resistant and bite-resistant
  • SIZE: Medium (available in 4 sizes)

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