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Irwin Tools 4935058 SAE Alignment Dies 4 to 1/2-Inch with NC & NF Thread Pitches

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Irwin Tools 4935058 SAE Alignment Dies 4 to 1/2-Inch with NC & NF Thread Pitches 

  • Contains 17 dies from No. 4 Machine to 1/2-Inch with National Corse and National Fine Thread pitches
  • Dies features 1/8-Inch of additional steel in the form of a guide to align the die for threading, this also creates additional strength for the die
  • High carbon Steel Construction
  • Laser Etched Markings for easy identification

Easy-to-Use, Self-Aligning Dies for Thread Quality
Tapping and threading jobs demand accuracy, and Irwin's SAE Alignment Dies with No. 4 to 1/2-Inch Thread Pitches are designed to start straight and thread straight every time. Each die features an integrated guide that aligns the die for threading, reducing the chance of cross threading while improving thread quality and accuracy.

This guide design also makes cutting easier and adds 1/8-inch more steel at critical points, which translates to stronger dies that can stand up to tougher applications and heavier use. In addition, these reliable dies are constructed from durable, high-carbon steel.

Versatile Components with Easy-to-Read Size Markings
This SAE alignment die set contains 17 dies with National Coarse and National Fine thread pitches that range in size from No. 4 machine to 1/2-inch. The hexagonal top of each die features large, easy-to-read markings that include both tap size and the recommended drill bit size for use with the die. These markings are laser etched so they won't wear off, which means that you'll never be left guessing in the middle of a job.

Part of Irwin-Hanson's Performance Threading System
These dies are part of the modular Irwin Industrial Tools - Hanson Performance Threading System (PTS). The components of this system are packaged so that you can choose the elements of a tap and die kit that you need without having to buy parts you don't need. Besides the dies included in this set, this system features dies with metric pitches, self-aligning taps with advanced Chip Break Technology, and a revamped drive-tool system.

With its die-lock, ergonomic die handle, which accepts two different adjustable tap sockets, this drive-tool set makes it easier to handle a wide variety of threading applications.

Modular-Case System Keeps You Organized
This SAE Alignment set also includes a durable case that holds each die in place and helps you stay organized. The size of the die that fits in each spot is clearly imprinted on the case for easy reference. The case closes securely for transport, and with a thickness of just 1-1/2 inches, it is compact enough to fit neatly into your tool box or a workbench drawer. In addition, it has a clear, detachable lid that allows easy access to your tools when you need them.

The Irwin set featuring SAE Alignment Dies with No. 4 to 1/2-Inch Thread Pitches is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guards against defects in materials and workmanship.

What's in the Box
Set of 17 SAE alignment dies with No. 4 to 1/2-inch thread pitches and carrying case.

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