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Steck 16600 Autobody (STC16600) Air Tool Oiler Dispenser

  • $40.79

Steck Air Tool Oil Dispenser is designed with an adjustable oil nozzle that ensures easy and convenient oiling of air tools every time. Oil dispenser head is self-centering and non-dripping to allow for easy pushing of the air tool inlet under the dispenser head in order to oil the tool and additional items. Oil tools, bolt heads, and more in a single, easy motion. Can be adjusted for right-handed, left-handed, or center mounting positions on a wall or tool box. 

Constructed with an polyethylene 8 oz. translucent shatter resistant oil reservoir. Oil reservoir easily locks to the dispenser head allowing the reservoir to be removed so additional oil can be added. An adjustment knob on the top of the dispenser head adjusts the oil flow .05 cc or approximately one drop per 1/4 turn, up to four drops, ensuring each air tool can receive the exact amount of oil required.  Works with all models of air hammers, air sanders, air ratchets and air ratchet heads, and more. Mounting screws are not included.

  • Easily perform manufacturer oiling requirements when mounted close to air tool storage.
  • Easily adjustable to ensure proper and specific amounts of oil.
  • Self-centering, non-drip oil dispenser head for clean work.
  • For use with all models of air tools.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.

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