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Rolair 1450POLY 1/4" x 50' 200 PSI Air Hose w/6-Ball Brass Coupler & Steel Plug

  • $35.00

  • Flexible in Cold Weather rated to -40 degrees
  • Lightweight
  • Field-Repairable
  • Kink-Resistant
  • Includes Coupler and Plug(ends)
The ROLAIR 1/4-Inch x 50-Foot Poly Air Compressor Hose with Fittings is a tough pneumatic hose that can take the hard daily use of the worksite. This lightweight air hose made from polyurethane weighs just 3-pounds, much less than a rubber version, which makes it easier to move about. The reinforced walls keep the hose from kinking during use and when recoiling to save you time. This poly air hose remains flexible up to 165-degrees Fahrenheit, so you can keep working even in extreme conditions. You can even make field repairs to the hose to get the job finished quickly. This air compressor hose with fittings has a maximum operating rate of 200-pounds per square inch and is useful for many different applications.

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