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4.5" Inch Zirconia Alumina Flap Disc ABN

  • $14.99

The ABN 4.5” (4- ½”) x 7/8 T27 High Density Zirconia Alumina Flat Flap Disc Grinding Sanding Sandpaper Wheels are a must have for anyone looking for a high performance flap disc. Designed for use on stainless steel and aluminum, but can also be used on many other surfaces, while reducing replacement costs. Ultra-performance zirconia alumina with abrasive for extended disc life while also offering a super aggressive cut. Zirconia alumina self sharpens to extend disc life while also providing more cutting power than aluminum oxide discs. Durable fiberglass back is lightweight, but also offers extra strength and absorbs tool vibration. Disc is semi-open to retard loading on aluminum.

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