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ABN Lightweight Heavy Duty Hybrid All Weather Air Hose 1/4 Ends, 3/8", 300 PSI

  • $14.99

The ABN Lightweight Heavy Duty Hybrid All Weather -22F to 149F Air Hose 1/4 MNPT Ends, 3/8", 300 PSI is a must have for any air compressor owner. Remains flexible in every weather condition, it won't harden in freezing temperatures, lighter and not as bulky as old air hoses. Designed to lay flat, avoid binding, tangling and most importantly limit kinking of the hose. Each hose end has anti-bend guards with brass 1/4 Inch MNPT fittings to ensure durability and longevity. Braided nylon polyurethane air hose for outdoor contractor or indoor industrial use. This quality hose it a must have for anyone working  with air hoses on a daily basis.

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