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ABN 6 Inch Safety Wire Twister Right-Hand Pliers for Wire Wrapping & Jewelry

  • $12.99

  • Multi-Purpose Jaws: polished, heavy duty locking jaws feature a sharp cutting edge on one side
  • Right-Handed: safety wire pliers provide easy action for right-handed twisting (left twist is manual)
  • Safe: the self-locking safety feature stays locked even when dropped and the pliers feature an automatic spring return
  • Ergonomic Design: the body of the pliers features an ergonomic thumb slide allowing a comfortable, firm grasp of the tool
  • Many Applications: used to manipulate, twist and cut wire in a variety of applications, including aviation mechanics, general electrical wiring & jewelry making
ABN 6 Inch Safety Wire Twister Right-Hand Pliers are a quality tool for twisting wire in many applications. The powerful, serrated locking jaws firmly grip and manipulate wires with ease and feature a sharp cutting edge on one side. The reversible capability allows for twisting to the right or left with an ergonomic thumb slide for the perfect grip. The protective safety lock holds even when the tool is dropped and the pliers have an automatic spring return. The tool makes a uniform twist in safety wire that is useful in multiple applications including but not limited to: airplane mechanics, electrical wiring and jewelry making.

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