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Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Masking Film

3M 77407 MF99 Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Film Plus, 99" x 90'

  • $9.99

3M 99-by-90-foot hand-masker pre-folded masking film is a pre-folded, high-density, non-porous film for paint masking and paint over spray protection. It is flake resistant for multiple-coat use and may be used with lacquers. It can be used with water-based or solvent-based paints, or with stains and varnish. Use it with a hand masker for a fast and easy application. It is especially purposeful for large areas, such as windows, doors, floors and tubs. This masking film measures 99-inches-by-90-feet when unfolded.

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