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Car Cleaning Kit With Microfiber Cloths

3M 39120 Car Cleaning Kit - 16 oz. 39000 39036 39034 6017(1 cloth)

  • $37.98

The 3M car cleaning kit includes: One concentrated version of 3M car wash soap, one 16 ounce bottle of 3M quick wax spray detailer, one 16 ounce bottle of 3M wheel and tire cleaner and one 3M microfiber detail cloth. 3M car wash soap will safely remove dirt and grime without removing the wax protection. 3M quick wax spray detailer is an easy to apply, mist-on-wipe-off carnauba wax that can treat a wet or dry vehicle in just a few minutes. 3M wheel and tire cleaner can quickly clean wheels and tires in one easy step, removing brake dust particles, road tar deposits, grease and grime, while quickly cleaning soil and scuffs from tire side. The 3M microfiber detail cloth is a premium microfiber cloth that will not damage the surface of the car and can be used with the 3M quick wax spray detailer.

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