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3M 31443 Stikit Gold 6" 80 Grit Sanding Disc

  • $8.31

Designed for power sanding, each 6 inch disc with Stikit™ attachment can be easily attached to and used on a dual action orbital sander. During Stage 1 of the 3M Body Repair System use the 80 grit discs to refine the 40 grit scratches and featheredge for a smooth transition into the existing top layer of clear coat. The 80 grit scratches will give body filler the proper surface to adhere to. Also use during Stage 3 to shape and sand body filler. Follow this step with 180 grit sandpaper to refine the 80 grit scratches and allow glaze or spot putty to adhere to the body filler.

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