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Trizact 3-2/3" x 9" Performance Sandpaper

3M 03056 Trizact 3-2/3" x 9" 5000 Grit Performance Sandpaper

  • $8.15

3M Trizact Performance Sandpaper combines a fast cut and extremely consistent, refined finish for your auto body projects. It features Trizact structured abrasive – its microscopic three-dimensional mineral structures resemble pyramids. This patterned, precise surface on a lightweight foam removes very fine sand scratches and leaves metal and painted metal surfaces ready for polishing
  • Ideal abrasives for detailed finishing and polishing
  • Trizact technology delivers fast, extremely consistent cut
  • Very fine grade abrasive delivers refined finishes to auto clear coats
  • Lightweight foam backing provides flexibility and attaches easily to sanding blocks
  • Excellent for wet sanding to reduce dust and prolong sheet life
  • Removes very small scratches to reduce or eliminate need for compounding and reduce polishing time
  • Use during Stage 4 of our 3M Body Repair System

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