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Norton - A275 Champagne 31473 6 Inch PSA / Sticky No Hole Roll 320 Grit Sanding

  • $49.55

Norton A275 31473 6-Inch (320 grit) Original Performance PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Sanding Discs are constructed from heat-treated p-graded aluminum oxide abrasive grain with an anti-loading agent for a faster cut rate and extended life for the sanding disc. Bonded to a durable, B-weight latex reinforced paper backing for improved performance, greater flexibility, and increased tear-resistance. This high-quality, high-performance sandpaper produces quick, cool cutting without loading or clogging. Will achieve a more consistent, uniform scratch pattern in less time, increasing productivity. Designed for feather-edging, sanding primers, stripping paint, and dry sanding plastic and putty. Can be used dry on all automotive finishes. Easy to use, simply tear off and apply self-adhering disc to Stick and Sand Back-Up Pad. Includes: (1) Roll of 100 6" 320 grit Stick and Sand sanding disks.

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