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3 Outlet Extension Cord 6 Foot Black

SmartCord Safety 3-Outlet Extension Power Cord Heat-Sensing Alarm, 6-Foot Black

  • $12.48

Smart Cord. Very Smart. The safety cord that helps protect your home. The SmartCord safety cord thinks so you don’t have to. The SmartCord safety cord monitors and senses excessive heat in outlets and plugs created by overloading, poor connections and improper use. When excessive heat is detected an alarm is sounds and a light is illuminated alerting the homeowner to a possible issue. SmartCord safety cords feature patented Heat Sensor Technology, a built-in sensor that measures heat building up at the plug or outlets. In the event of heat build-up, SmartCord technology sets off an alarm and illuminates a warning light well before there’s enough heat to cause a spark. This allows you to pull the plug before the circuitry can cause a fire. Like a smoke alarm, the warning continues until the problem is corrected. The SmartCord safety cord alarm and light are triggered at temperatures between 125-140 Degree F. The temperature varies slightly due to humidity, air movement and application. Cord type: 16/2 SPT-213 Amp/125V/1625W

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