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3/8 Inch 16 Thread Hanger Bolt Driver

Eazypower 81293 3/8 Inch 16 Thread Hanger Bolt Driver (1 Pack)

  • $12.80

  • Eazypower 81293 3/8 Inch16 Thread Hanger Bolt Driver
  • Contractor quality product
  • Eazypower products are protected by Worldwide Patents Pending, Patents, Trademarks, Trade dress and Copyrights
  • Eazypower has been a leader in tool accessories for 30 years
  • Eazypower offers a full assortment of tool accessories for hundreds of applications
Eazypower 81293 3/8" - 16 Thread Hanger Bolt Driver is constructed from contractor quality material. Eazypower Corporation is a family owned company dating back to 1985. Eazypower offers over 17,000 original items including the patented Hexbit Drills and Tub-O-Tips Rack. Other patented items include One-Way Screw Removers, Spin-it-Out (Damaged Screw Removers), 25-in-1 Screwdrivers and more.

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