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25 Foot Booster Cables 2 Gauge

Coleman Cable 08862 25ft Ultra-Heavy-Duty Truck, Battery Booster Cables, 2-Gauge

  • $98.16

When you look up "booster cables" in the dictionary, a picture of this Road-Power line of Cables should be there. The clamps can withstand more than enough electricity, up to 500-Amps, and they have unique parrot jaw clamps that grips remarkably to both top and side post batteries. If you are looking for cables that can be used to jump any type of vehicle from a small car to a big truck, you found them. The wire is 2-gauge (thickness) which is the heaviest on the scale of light-to-super-heavy duty wiring. Perfect for an RV, motor home, tractor, or large truck.

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