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GearWrench 80558 3/8 Inch Drive Metric Socket Set, 13 Piece

  • $26.51

  • Patented, low profile and performance head 3/8 inch drive metric socket set
  • Longer than most ratchets for added leverage
  • Full polished, teardrop ratchet
  • Sockets have serration depth as deep as the fastener
  • Sockets are large hard stamped for easy identifications

Gearwrench 80558 13 Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Metric Socket Set includes 6 point standard sockets in SAE measurements. The teardrop shaped ratchet offers a lower profile and a finer ratcheting action giving you a smaller arc ideal for access into tight places. Sockets have a full polish nickel chrome plating that resists dirt and corrosion. 

Contains: (1) 8mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 9mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 10mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 11mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 12mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 13mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 14mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 15mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 16mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) 17mm 6-Pt Standard Socket, (1) Full Polish Teardrop Ratchet, (1) 3" Standard Extension 3/8" Drive, (1) 6" Standard Extension 3/8" Drive.

  • Turn down at the base provides a griping surface for easy removal from the ratchet.
  • Marked with a double line indicating SAE or a knurled line for metric, which allows for easy identification.
  • Uniquely designed entry angle that helps guide the socket onto the fastener.
  • Patented, low profile and performance head ratchet.
  • Socket has a large hand stamp that indicates the size for easy identification.
  • Tear drop shape allows for a smaller ratcheting arc for tight spaces.
  • Ratchet handle is balanced to fit the human hand comfortably.
  • Made to Gearwrench's precision specifications.
  • Longer for added leverage.
  • Serration depth as deep as the fastener.

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