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Product & Brand Information

We are proud of the products and brands we carry! We have compiled information on some of our top brands and product lines. Take a few minutes and read up on your favorite automotive products and tools, and be sure to contact us with any questions you might have!



Ammex is a premier high quality disposable gloves and barrier protection brand. Established in 1988, Ammex has grown internationally. Ammex supplies a wide selection of disposable gloves and personal protective equipment for various industries, including food service, medical, and automotive. If you are in need of personal protective equipment or the highest quality disposable gloves, look no further than Ammex.  

Ammex offers superior quality products at an affordable price! Ammex follows internal guidelines that exceed industry standards, ensuring you have the highest quality product from their ISO certified facilities without breaking the bank. Ammex products are sold at a competitive price. With Ammex, you get a better quality product at the same price as other brands.  

ABN offers Ammex's exam and industrial grade glove lines. Need latex gloves? Ammex has strong, durable latex gloves in an assortment of sizes. Need a glove with the fit and feel of latex, without the latex? Ammex vinyl gloves are latex free and offer superb strength, durability and barrier protection. Need a color solution to help assess which glove is needed for different projects? Ammex nitrile glove line has colored gloves for quick identification. These disposable nitrile gloves provide three times the puncture resistance as latex and are more resistant to harsh chemicals than both latex and vinyl. If you need strong protection when working on the heavy-duty auto repair, Ammex nitrile gloves are the glove to keep your hands protected.  

Regardless of the automotive project, with Ammex's diverse assortment of gloves, you will keep your hands protected. Auto Body Now's assortment of Ammex gloves are the perfect match for your auto shop or garage because they have the glove the match any industry and application.


Antigravity Batteries

If you find yourself in need of a jolt of power, you’ve come to the right place! Auto Body Now is a proud seller of Antigravity Batteries. Antigravity Batteries is an American company dedicated to producing the highest quality, most diverse line of Lithiun-Ion Battery Products on the market. starters pack a punch! Micro-Start batteries use lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density. More battery life in a lighter package is what sets lithium-ion batteries apart. When purchasing an Antigravity Batteries product, you can rest assured that you are getting the most trusted and best made battery in terms of performance, durability, design, and innovation.

ABN offers Antigravity Batteries’ award-winning Micro-Start battery line. Micro-Start is the original mini Lithium-Ion Jump Start and Personal Power Supply. When we say mini, we are talking small enough to fit into your pocket, which makes the Micro-Start a convenient back-up power source to store. Though its small in size, the Micro-Start packs a punch. This baby is so powerful it can effortlessly jump-start your car, motorcycle, powersport vehicle, even a V8 truck!

Whether you’re a driver, auto enthusiast, or the average Joe, Micro-Start is the battery to trust to keep you safe. If you get stranded or find yourself in need of a boost in power, you can feel at ease knowing that you have a Micro-Start battery to get you going. As an added bonus, Micro-Start can also charge your electronic devices such as laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Ireaders, GoPro and other cameras, Mp3 players, Bluetooth devices and more!

The Micro-start is easy enough that anyone can use it. Whether you are looking for a XP-1 to keep that special someone safe, a XP-3 to jump start your V8, or a XP-10 to help your diesel get started this winter, with Micro-Start you know you have the best battery for the job.



If you find yourself in need of a jolt of power, you’ve come to the right place! Auto Body Now is a proud seller of Antigravity Batteries. Antigravity Batteries is an American company dedicated to producing the highest quality, most diverse line of Lithiun-Ion Battery Products on the market. starters pack a punch! Micro-Start batteries use lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density. More battery life in a lighter package is what sets lithium-ion batteries apart. When purchasing an Antigravity Batteries product, you can rest assured that you are getting the most trusted and best made battery in terms of performance, durability, design, and innovation.

ABN offers Antigravity Batteries’ award-winning Micro-Start battery line. Micro-Start is the original mini Lithium-Ion Jump Start and Personal Power Supply. When we say mini, we are talking small enough to fit into your pocket, which makes the Micro-Start a convenient back-up power source to store. Though its small in size, the Micro-Start packs a punch. This baby is so powerful it can effortlessly jump-start your car, motorcycle, powersport vehicle, even a V8 truck!

Whether you’re a driver, auto enthusiast, or the average Joe, Micro-Start is the battery to trust to keep you safe. If you get stranded or find yourself in need of a boost in power, you can feel at ease knowing that you have a Micro-Start battery to get you going. As an added bonus, Micro-Start can also charge your electronic devices such as laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Ireaders, GoPro and other cameras, Mp3 players, Bluetooth devices and more!

The Micro-start is easy enough that anyone can use it. Whether you are looking for a XP-1 to keep that special someone safe, a XP-3 to jump start your V8, or a XP-10 to help your diesel get started this winter, with Micro-Start you know you have the best battery for the job.


Astro Pneumatic

Are you in the market for air tools, hand tools, undercar tools, shop equipment, or lifting equipment? Then look no further! Your one stop shop, Astro Pneumatics provides it all! A company passed down through three generations of the Fisher family, Astro Pneumatics has been and always will be dedicated to providing elite quality at a reasonable price. With Astro Pneumatics, you can afford tools and equipment without breaking the bank. Astro Pneumatics prides itself on true reliability and customer satisfaction, which is why for the past decades, Astro Pneumatics has provided innovative product sourcing design, re-design, and manufacturing for all your auto needs. Astro’s dedicated techs oversee the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality.  

If you are looking for hand tools and tool set, check out ABN’s numerous options, such as Heavy-Duty Hand Riveters, Socket Wrenches, Drive Flex Socket Sets, and our 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set to name a few. From spray and grease guns to replacement parts, Auto Body Now has every Astro Pneumatic product a person could need. Our air tools including items such as 1261 30-degree Die Grinder, 3081 Dial Tire Inflator, 1718 Deluxe 4’ Air Blow Gun, 3036 Air Belt Sander, and more!

Get on over to our Astro Pneumatics selection and see the endless options we can offer you.


Big Gator

Precision and consistency, that's what you get when shopping Big Gator. Big Gator Tools offers drill and tap guides to make your life a little easier. Small and portable, these guides can be used on nearly any surface: corners, round, or flat. Each guide features a precision ground base that guarantees stability and perfect perpendicular alignment. The 90 degree “V groove” design also allows perpendicular alignment on curved, rounded, and corner areas.

Big Gator guides are clearly marked and clean looking, which makes these guides accurate and easy to use. Each Big Gator guide comes with slashes on the side that make lining up and locating where you will be drilling a breeze. Each hole in a guide is precisely sized, so the hole fits the tools they’re meant for tightly. This allows the tap to enter the holes square, giving you more accurate sized holes with cleaner cut threads. The close fitting guides hold the drill straight, and because they cut straight, they are stronger. Big Gator guides are flat allowing for easy clamping.

The entire guide is made from alloyed steel that is heat treated to allow for greater durability. Using heat treated steel means that the guide is stronger than most of the material you would need to cut through. Additionally, these guides are American made and come with a lifetime warranty.

So whether you are looking to remove a broken bolt, drill through metal, or create custom fabrications, Big Gator gives you the ability to be as precise as you need!



Blair is your source for spotweld cutters, hole-making, and auto body products. For over half a centure, Blair Equipment has brought professionals and DIY'ers the tools for automotive projects from collisions to racing to restorations and fabrications. Blair has been committed to developing the highest quality hole-making tools, meeting the needs and demands of their customers.  

Why choose Blair? Blair Spotweld Cutters are the fast, easy way to remove spot welds when doing car restorations and auto body repairs. With two types of spotweldcutters available, Blair has the best option for the job. Blair's solid spotweld cutter removes spotwelds in Boron and other UHSS; whereas, the other Blair spotweld cuttersremove spotwelds by cutting around the spotweld and leaving the underlying panel undamaged, allowing for repair and rewelding or a new panel to be put back on.  

Blair also has the Rotabroach Annular tools for hole-making. If you want superior quality holes that you can produce fast, look no further than the Rotabroach Annulartools. Rotabroach Annular tools cut clean, round, burr-free holes fast. Unlike twist drills that push or hold saws that tear, Rotabroach Annular tools are hollow, so they cut around the edge of the hole. This means less work and no deforming of material with no jagged edges. With multiple cutting teeth, Rotabroach Annular tools are precise. With Rotabroach Annular you will get a longer life with your tool. For frame straighteners, custom building, custom detailing, undercoaters, rustproofers, and aftermarket installation, Rotabroach Annular will hollow out the hole the most effectively.  

Auto Body Now has every Blair product needed for auto restoration and auto repairs.So whether you work in a high-end shop or in your garage, you can trust Blair to make your spotwelder and hole-making a little easier.


Blue Magic

If you’re looking to keep your car clean, look no further. BlueMagic has been dedicated to professional quality since 1959. BlueMagic is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products, such as cleaners, polishes, adhesives, sealants, and air fresheners. BlueMagic also offers a metal polish that is considered the gold standard for auto enthusiasts of all ages. The BlueMagic metal polish was ranked number one over 31 other polishes due to its ease of use, gloss, protection, and rust removal.

From metal polishes to epoxy putty, BlueMagic offers numerous options for your car repairs and cleaning needs. Do your headlight lens need a pick-me-up? BlueMagic offers Headlight Lens Sealer and Headlight Lens Restorer. Does your car smell funky? Consider BlueMagic air fresheners. Does your car fabric need some attention? If your car carpet has grime and spots, check out BlueMagic’s Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter or BlueMagic’s Heavy Foam Carpet Cleaner with Stain Guard. If your seats are leather, try matching BlueMagic’s Vinyl and Leather Cleaner with Blue Magic’s Leather Cream Conditioner to soften, moisten, and prevent cracking.

We have every BlueMagic product you need to keep your car in top condition. Check out our BlueMagic products and add some of the best cleaners and polishes to your stash.


Campbell Hausfed

Campbell Hausfeld has been producing heavy-duty equipment since 1836 starting with the manufacturing of horse drawn wagons and agricultural equipment. In the past 175 years, Campbell Hausfeld has grown to offer a huge selection of automotive air products for both personal and professional use. With nearly two centuries of business under their belt, Campbell Hausfeld can be trusted to provide you some of the greatest air tools in existence.

Air tools are a great alternative to electric powered tools. Air tools have a longer lifespan than their electronic counterparts. Delivering more torque at higher revolutions-per-minute and with an lower initial cost as well, Campbell Hausfeld air tools are the best option to save you money and the stress associated with tool malfunctions.  

Campbell Hausfeld's line of air tools are designed for daily use. These tools are ready for tough, non-stop action. With comfortable grip, easy controls, and durable construction, these tools can handle hard work every day. Want to repair your car engine or rotate a tire? Campbell Hausfeld has the air tool for you! Campbell Hausfeldair compressors and air tools can help inflate or rotate tires, repair your engine, or help you with projects around the house. This line of air tools would make the perfect addition to any auto garage, shop, or warehouse. With durable, reliable Campbell Hausfeld equipment, you will finish your projects faster and easier.  

Auto Body Now has a great selection of Campbell Hausfeld air tools for auto and household needs, including impact wrenches, brat nailer/stapler kits, air pressure gauges, nails, and more.


Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic, can be traced back to 1889, with a start in sourcing and selling construction tools that "weren't yet available." Over the next decade, Chicago Pneumatic would become incorporated and have their first patent for the single-valve pneumatic hammer. From there, Chicago Pneumatic grew into the company we see today, a brand that has been trusted for over 100 years to bring you the innovative and never-before-seen products.Chicago Pneumatic is the company for creative tools and compressors engineered for the highest performance.  

Chicago Pneumatic produces reliable compressors and tools for vehicle servicing, manufacturing, and construction. With decades of experience and the motivation to provide you with the correct equipment for the job, Chicago Pneumatic will meet all of your specific needs. With a goal to deliver the best-in-class for global service and support, you can rely on every Chicago Pneumatic product. Chicago Pneumatic guarantees consistency and high performance through strict testing and quality inspections. How does Chicago Pneumatic ensure this? Chicago Pneumatic has people working all day, every day to research, develop and manufacture the greatest products. Because of this dedication, Chicago Pneumatic bring you products that deliver the best results today and into tomorrow. Chicago Pneumatic, the brand to power your productivity.



CRC is a leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the automotive industry. Founded in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants, CRC started with a  single product. Today the company produces and sells through the United States, Europe, South America, and the Pacific Rim, selling over 70 million aerosol products a year. With a goal to deliver quality products that exceed customer expectations, CRC is a brand to trust. Achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 certification, CRC has the strictest guidelines in research, development, and production. CRC is a brand that brings the best chemical solutions on the market.  

Regardless of your auto chemical need, CRC has the product for you. Battery Terminal Protector? Yes! Throttle Body and Air-Intake Cleaner? Yes! Multi-Purpose Lubricant? Absolutely! Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner? CRC has that as well. Any chemical solution you need, CRC has the item for you. You can even be winter ready with their Ice-Off Windshield Spray De-Icer. Anything and everything, CRC has it! If you need White Lithium Grease or solutions for your brakes, CRC has Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner and Disc Brake Quiet to keep those brakes silent and squeek-free.  

ABN has the CRC solutions for any garage, warehouse, or auto shop. So check out ABN's outstanding CRC collection to find the chemical solutions to keep you moving. 



Dura-Block is the professional sanding block perfect for car shows or any car looking to get that perfect finish. Dura-Block is the ideal solution for classic restoration, next generation auto upkeep, or sanding of boats, airplanes, trucks or any other vehicle. Durablock is sure to enhance any auto project you are working on. Coming in various shapes and sizes, Dura-Block has the correct block, no matter what type of sanding contours you need. With styles ranging from Standard, Radius, Specialty, Hook and Loop, and Multi-Block Kits, ABN has a Dura-Block for every car contour.

Used by professional body shops as well as DIY'ers in the garage, Dura-block is the sanding block for the job. If you are looking for absolute sanding perfection, choose Dura-Block. ABN's Dura-Block selection is remarkable. With our fantastic prices and free shipping, ABN is your greatest option for stocking up on Dura-Block.



For over 35 years, Elvex has been a leader and designer of safety glasses, hearing protection, and chain saw safety gear. Thousands of people are blinded and suffer hearing damage each year from work-related injuries that could have been prevented with proper eye and ear protection. Luckily with Elvex, you can feel safe knowing that your eyes and ears are protected. Protected with some of the strongest prevention protection available.  

From safety glasses to ear plugs to ear muffs, Elvex is gearing you up to be safe! Elvex has all the options you need to keep your eyes and ears protected. Elvex SuperSonic Muffs will protect your ears when working with loud tools and saws in your shop. Elvex safety glasses will keep your eyes safe from depris. Elvex can hook you up with a variety of safety glasses, depending on your preference. Whether you need clear polycarbonate, gray polycarbonate, anti-fog goggles, or a magnified polycarbonate, Elvexhas the eye wear for you.   

With Elvex you can avoid the eye and ear injuries that can lead to permanent damage, medical expenses, loss of time, and loss of money. Shop ABN's Elvex selection and take care of number one. 



The preferred brand by construction and welding professions, Fibre-Metal has an assortment of head, face, and welding protection to cover all of your workplace needs. Known worldwide for is quality products, Fibre-Metal offer rugged protection that has been proven to reduce injuries while increasing productivity and quality of life.

No matter what you encounter in your workplace, Fibre-Metal is strong enough to handle it! Designed for the harshest environments, Fibre-Metal is the brand that will ensure your safety. Every time! It doesn’t matter the environment or application, Fibre-metal has you covered, literally. Each of Fibre-Metal’s products is designed to offer top performance with maximum comfort in order to ensure a safe, more productive workplace.

Fibre-Metal knows how hard you work, which is why they provide top performing protective equipment that will keep you safe. Fibre-Metal’s focus is on providing the strongest protective equipment on the market, To ensure this, Fibre-metal uses only the best grade raw materials. Their advanced product design comes from years of hard work, innovation, and the latest technology. Let Fibre-Metal protect you and your crew with their top-of-the-line hard hats, face shields, welding helmets, welding goggles, accessories, and replacement parts. Check out Auto Body Now’s complete line of Fibre-Metal products and hat up!



Fiebing has been manufacturing high-quality leather care products in their factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1895. One of the first products Fiebing ever manufactured was Saddle Soap. Saddle Soap was a big hit, so much so that the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Riley, Kansas used Saddle Soap exclusively for their saddles, tack, and other leather equipment. Due to the overwhelming use by the military, the company designed the logo to portray a mounted cavalryman. The same logo that is used to this day.

Fiebing's has become the standard in the leathercraft market due to the quality of their leather dyes and finishes. With products used around the world, you can  trustFiebing to keep your car's leather looking pristine. With a fully staffed lab, Fiebing continues to evolve and advance, which is why you can rest assured that Fiebing will keep producing the greatest leather dyes and finishes on the market year after year.  

Fiebing is committed to supplying excellent leather products to loyal customers and new customers alike. So whether you are an old Fiebing fan or have never experienced Fiebing but are in need of leather product, give this amazing leather brand a try! 


Forever Black

Forever Black is the brand to pick to bring your car back to life. No silicone for Forever Black! Forever Black Car Care Products use specially formulated dyes to bring color back to fading bumpers, trim, bed lines, and any other exterior part of your vehicle. These dyes hold the color much longer and help protect against environmental damage from UV rays at the same time. Environmental damage is seen through fading black bumpers, trim, tires, bed lines, and other exterior parts of your vehicle. Forever Black will revive the appearance of plastic, rubber, or vinyl while protecting against the harsh environment. Forever Black is so amazing the product doesn't attract road grime or dust. Forever Black simply brings the color and life back into your vehicle with their specially formulated products. With Forever Black, you get the benefit of a vehicle that looks brand new regardless of age and wear. Try Forever Black to keep your car looking like the day you got it! 



If you are looking for an easier way to get the job done, then GearWrench deserves your attention. Dedicated exclusively to hand tools, GearWrench designs and manufactures tools to fit the tough demands of professional automotive techs and industrial users alike.  As the originator of the ratcheting wrench, GearWrench has become one of the go-to brands, leading the industry with breakthrough advances in ratchets, sockets, and specialty tool designs.

GearWrench continues to expand its line year after year. With the broadest selection of ratcheting wrenches in the world, Gearwrench aims to help you get the job done fast and with ease. From impact sockets, torque wrenches, pry bars, and beyond, GearWrench offers it all! With an extensive selection of automotive specialty tools, it’s easy to see where GearWrench gets its reputation for speed, strength, and access.

The last thing you want when working on a car is a tool to be your biggest problem. GearWrench knows having the right tool can turn your job from strenuous and exhausting to manageable. GearWrench tools are designed to get to those hard-to-reach areas. GearWrench screwdrivers are ergonomically designed, providing the best performance with the least amount of effort. GearWrench ratchets can turn fasteners with a swing arc as little as three degrees. And GearWrench’s Indexing Pry Bar has revolutionized the way pry bars are used through the multiple locking positions of the indexing head allowing you to get where other pry bars have failed to reach.  

Auto Body Now offers every GearWrench item you would need to fill your toolbox. Head on over to our GearWrench selection and allow GearWrench to take you to a whole new level.


Grey Pneumatic

Don't settle for low quality sockets and tools! Grey Pneumatic supplies the world's automotive industry with heavy-duty, high-quality impact and specialty sockets. Founded in 1989 with a vision to create the highest quality specialty impact sockets on the market, Grey Pneumatic delivers just that!  

With a complete line of impact socket sets as well as individual sockets ranging from 1/4-inch to 2-and-1/2-inch, and hex sized up to 8-inches, Grey Pneumatic has the socket for the job. Made from the highest quality chrome-molybdenum alloy steel that is thoroughly heat treated, Grey Pneumatic tools have the correct balance of strength and durability for any and all high-impact uses.  Grey Pneumatic provides a socket for every job in your auto garage. Grey Pneumatic has star impact drivers,impact hex drivers, torque limiting sockets, lock removers, and more as well.  

With the selection and strength of Grey Pneumatic, it's a no brainer!  If you want a socket that will last, choose Grey Pneumatic.


Hansen Global

In 1995, Hansen Global was formed to market a unique line of socket trays. Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Hansel Global is an American company that has quickly become the preferred way for professionals, auto enthusiasts, and DIY'er to store their sockets. Winning the Top 20 Tool Award for their innovative trays in 1998's Motor Magazine, Hansel Global has continued to grow, introducing the Quik-Pik wrench racks in 2001.  

With all the tools and items needed for auto work, Hansel trays will help you organize your tools by size and style for easy identification and selection. Hansen Global has various tray options to choose from. Whether you need to organize your sockets, wrenches, tools, or more, Global Hansen will help keep you keep your shop or garage organized. With millions of trays already sold, you can trust Hansen to stand behind their USA made product. Get your Hansel Global trays and racks together, and keep your garage or shop clutter free. 



Honeywell is a leading global manufacturer focuses solely on personal protective equipment. Honeywell provides safety solutions for every industry and every application. Honeywell works hard to provide the most respected safety brands in the world. Delivering best in-class safety, quality, and performance all under one roof. With personal protective equipment available from brands like Uvex, Miller, North, Howard Leight, Fibre-Metal, and Servus, look no further than Honeywell to keep you and your crew safe. With such an assortment, you are sure to find every piece of personal protective equipment you need to get you through your workday.

Unparalleled in the safety industry, Honeywell is committed to providing customers with the greatest innovations, engineering, and resources. The strength of each brand combined creates a powerhouse that will bring you the latest and greatest in personal protective equipment now and into the future. With a singular focus on providing the world with the most advanced personal protective equipment, Honeywell is the place to go to guarantee that you are getting the top-of-the-line in safety.

Honeywell is the premier source for your PPE. If you need eye protection, Uvex and North offer great options. For lung and mouth protection, Honeywell and North offer Respiratory Protection as well as offering protection for your arms and hands. North gloves are the best option to keep your hands safe in cold weather. For welding protection, Fibre-Metal is the brand to choose. Howard Leight offers top of the line ear protection. Just to name a few! Check out this amazing selection offered from Honeywell to protect your body now and in the years to come.


Ingersoll Rand

There isn't a job an Indersoll Rand tool can't take care of. Ingersoll Rand provides the best in compressed air technology. Since the merging of Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and the Rand Drill company in 1905, Ingersoll Rand has built an renowned name for itself. A multi-billion dollar company, Ingersoll Rand creates the best air tool on the market. With innovative solutions through products that are strong and long-lasting, Ingersoll Rand is the brand for all your auto needs. 

Ingersoll Rand products are great for the warehouse, garage, or auto shop. With compressed air, you get instant power with the highest overall specs of any brand. No battery changing means that you can work all day without having to stop, so long as you have a big enough compressor for the job. Ingersoll Rand's innovative and reliable products translate to maximum efficiency and productivity.  

Ingersoll Rand has designed and engineers air tools that get max torque without over-extending a tool or user. With three torque ratings for max reverse torque, "nut-busting" torque, and forward torque range, Ingersoll Rand gives you real torque specs on their tools. Max torque is the overall torque the tools will deliver, reverse torque is the max amount the tool delivers in reverse, and the "nut-busting" torque means a bolt is tightened with a torque wrench calibrated to 1100-ft-lbs and then removed with the tool being tested. With these three torque specs, Ingersoll Rand gives you a clear indication of a tools potential.  

With Ingersoll Rand, you are getting the best specs of any tool, years of experience, and durability. Auto Body Now has a great selection available at some of the best prices you can find! Explore our Ingersoll Rand selection and get yourself tools that are made to last.



Though the weather outside is frightful, Kat's Heaters are so delightful. Founded in 1948, Kat's is the leading manufacturer of starting aids. Kat's Engine Heaters are electric heaters that heat the engine of the car, giving the car a quicker start in cold weather. Winter temperatures place extraordinary demands on vehicle lubrication, electrical and fuel systems. Kat’s Heaters offer a wide variety of effective, economical solutions for cold weather maintenance whether the engine, battery, or oil and transmission fluids.  

With the most up-to-date designs in engine heating and starting systems for all types of vehicles, you no longer have to worry with Kat's Heaters. Warmed engines increase engine life by producing better fuel economy, and improved oil flow provides better lubrication to the engine during start-up, which reduces wear. Kat's frost plug, lower radiator hose heaters, and circulating tank heaters are designed to keep the coolant in your engine warm. These products protect your engine from damage that can occur during winter temperatures by stimulating warm temperatures.  

When air temperatures are less than 20˚F, a cold engine produces 50-100 times more greenhouse emissions in the first minute than a pre-warmed engine does. Kat's Heaters not only protect your vehicle but minimize your vehicle's pollution. Auto Body Now has all the Kat's Heaters you would need. ABN offers Magnetic Heaters, Circulating Tank Heater, Magnetic Engine Oil Sump Pump Heater, Hot Pad Heaters, and replacement cords.  

Pick yourself up a Kat's Heater and all the way home you'll be warm. Protect your vehicle this winter with Kat's Heaters.



Lisle Corporation has been rooted in Clarinda, Iowa for the last century. Privately owned and led by the Lisle family, Lisle provides professional quality, time-saving tool for your automotive tasks. Lisle offers specialty tools, mechanic's creepers, and lubrication & tire products.  Lisle is the brand preferred in auto warehouses due to quality and price.  

From sockets and socket sets to keeper kits to hex key sets, Auto Body Now has an assortment of Lisle products. We offer every Lisle product imaginable. If you need a Lisle battery carrier, we got it! If you need a diesel filter wrench, we got those too! We carry a multitude of Lisle screwdrivers, pliers, scrapers, and pullers. We even offer a variety of Lisle creepers! Lisle's creeper collection provides maximum comfort with a cushioned headrest and larger wheels that provide a smoother ride on cracked and uneven surfaces. Able to slide over floor debris and under heavy loads, these creepers are the perfect option 

Whether you are needing to do some interior, mechanical, or under the car work, Lisle has a tool to make you life a little better. 



Better Tools, Better Life, that's Makita's motto. With 100 years of experience is advanced motor design and engineering, Makita meets the demand with their tools and accessories. Makita tools are engineers to help make professional users more productive while meeting high-efficiency standards. Considered some of the most reliable power tools in the industry, Makita offers superior ergonomic design and comfort.  

Makita makes tools that are designed to give you max performance, more power, and smooth rotation. The most important feature of a Makita power tools are their outstanding motors. The Makita 4-pole motor generates energy in four different locations. Developed over decades, Makita's electric motors are the best in the business. The advanced battery technology in their tools has longer run time and the fastest charge time in the industry. The dual-sealed ball bearings allow for five times longer life for your tool. Makita produces the most compact, efficient, lightweight power tool on the market. With the highest quality raw materials, Makita is made to last. 

We offer Makita power tools, batteries, and accessories in both the 12V and 18V series. If you need a Drill Drive, Reciprocating Saw, Angle Grinder, Impact Wrench or more, ABN has what you are looking for! We offer multiple combo packs as well like our Makita LCT212W 12-Volt max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit that comes with a 12-V Drill Drive, 12-V Reciprocating Saw, 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries, a Battery Charger, 2 Reciprocating Saw Blades, and a Square Contractor Bag.  

These high-quality products also come at a remarkably affordable cost. Plus, Makita power tools come with spare parts, so fixing wear and tear isn't a hassle with Makita. If you want a great value for your money, Makita is the brand for you. With an infinite number of power tools, Makita has a power tool for any auto project.



In 1943, Milton Industries was founded off of a handful of products and a simple idea: to provide the highest quality products to customers. With the vast majority of the product line being produced in the United States, Milton continues to stand by the same idea today: bringing superior products to customers. A family business, Milton has been the company of choice when it comes to pneumatic accessories and fittings.

Milton serves both the professional and DIY’er, providing air accessories and equipment, tire hardware and automotive service equipment to many markets, including automotive, industrial, hardware, agriculture, heavy-duty, and paint and body shops to name a few. The inventor of numerous industry standard products such as the classic M-style "I/M" KWIK Change Coupler and Plug and the Safety Bio Gun, Milton brings the world high-quality products with superior reliability. Milton has produced and marketed a complete line of air accessories including “Kwik-change” couplers, plugs, air hoses, swivers, filters, regulators, and lubricators. Preferred for their accuracy and durability, Milton products can handle any auto job big or small.

If you are already a Milton fan or new to the Milton brand, give Milton a try and discover one of the best brands for quality and reliability. ABN has a vast selection of Milton tools to fill your auto shop while offering some of the lowest prices and free shipping. 


New Pig

If it splatters, spills, drips, or leaks, New Pig is the product to absorb, contain, and clean it. New Pig provides solutions to those spills and splatters to keep your workplace clean and safe. With over 25 years of experience, New Pig can be trusted as the most effective absorbent brand out there. Why? Because New Pig set the standard for their quality and durability. Not only do New Pig products work to absorb spills, New Pig products are a safer, smarter option. New Pig avoids harmful ingredients in their products, so you know when you use New Pig, you aren't adding to the problem.  

In the auto industry, spills are an every day occurrence. With New Pig, cleaning up messes becomes a little easier. From Absorbent Mat Pads to Universal Mat Pads to Flexible Form-A-Funnel Draining Tools, Auto Body Now has the New Pig product to keep your work space clean. New Pig is a great option to keep your auto shop in top-condition. Get yourself some New Pig absorbent products and experience the greatest cleaning solution for your auto garage, warehouse, or shop.



If you want the highest productivity with the lowest cost, Norton has the best quality products for grinding, cutting, sanding, blending, finishing, and polishing. Norton is the world leader in abrasives. Norton is a multi-national corporation out of Paris that produces construction products, flat glasses, glass containers, and high-performance materials. Norton provides solutions for any and all of your auto refinishing and auto repair needs.   

From abrasives, tapes, masking products, sealers and coatings, scuff pads, sponges, buffing and polishing compounds, and much more, Norton is the only abrasive brand that can offer a full line of abrasives and body shop supplies. With a commitment to continually upgrading and enhancing their products, Norton is a brand that’s focus is on its customers. You can trust Norton to solve cutting, grinding, and finishing problems. With a full research and development team, Norton will continue to work on better ways to advance and solve auto cutting, grinding, and finishing.  

In need of plastic sheeting? Norton Plastic Sheeting will adhere to the outside layer of plastic to eliminate flake-off, making this product the best option to protect your vehicle. Have sanding needs? Norton Gold Reserve Sandpaper will work nicely! From adhesives to masking paper and more, ABN has the Norton product for you and your auto project. For the best abrasive option for your buck, choose Norton. At an affordable cost with our free shipping, ABN is the place to stock up on Norton.



Looking for the one stop shop for all your aftermarket auto needs? Permatex is the place to go! Permatex offers premium chemical products for automotive maintenance, automotive repair, and home and hardware use. Since 1909, Permatex has been a leader in the development of new products and services for the automotive aftermarket. Permatex prides itself on being a one stop shop to cover every automotive need. From gasket makers to sealants to adhesives and more, Permatex has what you are looking for. In need of automotive cleaners, a repair kit, lubricants? Permatex has you covered there as well.  

Permatex is committed to making you, the customer, happy. Permatex bases its innovations off of customer's needs. This market-driven mentality is what makesPermatex a leading brand for the professional, the technician, or auto enthusiast. No matter what type of Permatex product you need, Auto Body Now is sure to have what you are looking for! Sealants, adhesives, cleaners, lubricants, and more, ABN's selection of Permatex products will cover all your automotive needs. We carry all of the popular Permatex products with free shipping.



Have you tried multiple products to prevent a rusted-out truck bed but always had them fail you? Try POR-15 to stop rust and corrosion. POR-15 is the product to prevent your next generation truck from looking like a rusted out hunk o' junk. POR-15 is a high-performance anti-corrosive and rust prevention coating system for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces to stop rust permanently. POR-15 will work to protect your surfaces from water, salt, chemicals, and other corrosives. 

POR-15 works by chemically bonding to rusted metal and forming a rock-hard, non-porous coating that will not crack, chip, or peel. POR-15's non-porous coating keeps moisture away from your metal permanently due to POR-15's curing process. Unlike other products that dry paint through evaporation, POR-15 dries faster when moisture is present! POR-15 works to keep moisture away from metal with a coating that is actually strengthened by continued exposure to moisture! 

POR-15 is incredibly hard, tough, and flexible, making this product nearly indestructible. Great for auto restorations and auto work as well as to preserve concrete, floors, and other factory items from rust and corrosion. POR-15 is changing car restoration and factories and warehouses permanently with a permanent rust and corrosion protectant.  Try POR-15 for your auto frame, chassis restorations, or to protect valuable work equipment, and be amazed by the toughness! 



S.M. Arnold

Scrub-a-dub-dub with S.M. Arnold car wash supplies. S. M. Arnold is an auto-detailing supplier of high-quality car wash mitts, brushes, applicator pads, chamois, and more! Sandy Arnold began by developing and selling fine cleaning accessories in 1928. Right from the get-go, Sandy Arnold became a leader in the industry, known as "the little man with the big grip." And S. M. Arnold, Inc. was born. From there, S. M. Arnold has continued to grow and flourish, bringing amazing new products year after year. Now a manufacturer of quality cleaning accessories, S. M. Arnold is dedicated to delivering the best quality chamois, wash mitts, applicators, sponges, and so much more.  

Auto Body Now provides every S. M. Arnold accessory a shop or garage could need for auto-detailing. We don't care if you're an old pro, new to the block, or the average Joe or Jane, S. M. Arnold are the quality products to help you with any auto-detailing. Let ABN get you stocked up on the the chamois or wash mitts you or your garage could need. With ABN's amazing prices, free shipping, and fantastic customer support, we are the company to bring you quality S. M. Arnold products fast!



In the auto world, sometimes you forget about number one, yourself. With the dangerous tools, chemicals, and hardware that you surround yourself with every day in your auto shop, warehouse, or garage, protecting your body is vital. To keep yourself protected, look to SAS. SAS Safety Corp. provides head-to-toe personal protective equipment. Whether you're a safety manager, auto tech, or DIY'er, SAS  provides quality safety products and equipment designed to make your workplace safer.  

To protect your hands, try SAS gloves. SAS offers a wide variety of gloves. Designed with textured grip, powder, powder-free, or examination grade, SAS has the option for any auto project with nitrile, latex, or vinyl disposable gloves options that range from 4-14 mil thickness. If you need a glove that is excellent for chemical resistance with extended arm protection, look to SAS Dipped Gloves. The simplest and least expensive way to protect your mouth and lungs is through particulate respirators. Keep away harmful and overwhelming fumes while filtering out dust, fumes, and mists. For stronger lung protection, SAS has the Dual Cartridge Respirator Bandit Mask. This respirator will protect your face effectively while allowing a clear view: distortion free yet comfortable.  

With over 30 years of keeping people safe, SAS has every personal protective item for you. From head to toe, SAS has you covered, literally. Respiratory protection, eye protection, hand/body protection, first-aid kits, spill control, and more, SAS is dedicated to protecting our most valuable resource: you. 

Your safety is our number one priority. We rely on SAS to keep us safe, and you should too! Use SAS and keep yourself safe while working on your auto projects. You can trust SAS: the personal protective equipment that will keep you safe. With ABN's amazing deals, free shipping, and fantastic customer support, we are your number one option to stock up on safety equipment. Choose SAS, you and those you love will thank you for staying safe. 



Sonax has been a premium car care company for more than 50 years. Like so many of the best in car care, Sonax began in Germany. The great grandfather of Sonax's current owner created domestic polishes and cleaners by extracting siliceous earth, a very fine mineral used as a polish in household cleaning products, near Neuburg. After the second World War, this would be developed into an additional item: silver polish. From a silver polish to car polish, Sonax was born. Four Sonax sales reps drove across Germany selling Sonax in fully loaded VW beetles. Personal contact counted for everything back then, and that dedication and committment is what made Sonax grow to be one of the largest car care companies on the planet.

Today Sonax carries a vast assortment of products including car waxes, tire gels, tire cleaners, paint cleaners, auto shampoos, and interior and exterior cleaners. Through constant research and new development, Sonax continues to create car care products that last longer, perform better, and shine brighter. The first to develop environmentally friendly products, Sonax has always been at the forefront of development. With high-quality car care products and a commitment to meeting customer demands, its no wonder that Sonax has become a world recognized brand. The driving force in car care, Sonax is committed to on going research in order to bring you the best products in car care.


Sunex Tools has developed and manufactured tools for the automotive aftermarket for over 35 years. Talk about an up-and-comer that has twisted their way to the top! Sunex delivers top-quality tools with exceptional power and flexibility. In the short decades that Sunex has been around, Sunex has created superior products as a result of a clear vision and a strong team of people. From impact sockets, air tools, hand tools, service carts, creepers, seats, hydraulic jacks and hydraulic presses, Sunex has every tool a person needs for any auto project. Sunex delivers hand tools in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs--this diversity means that you can work in any situation with a tool that can handle any job. 

With a goal of continuing to grow and expand within the automotive community, Sunex will continue to expand its line of products in the years to come. Sunex impact sockets are forged from high-quality chrome molybdenum alloy steel for the highest durability and superior strength. Sunex's patented sidewall drive sockets apply force to the walls of the fastener instead of the points, which results in longer fastener life. Each socket is laser-etched with hi-visibility markings that allow for easy readability. Sunex wrenches are designed with drop-forged alloy steel ensuring the wrench can handle any auto repair. With the strongest metals and an easy-to-read design, Sunex tools make working on your auto project a sync.  

From sockets to wrenches to heavy-duty rivet guns, ABN has the Sunex products for you. If you are working in a garage, in a warehouse, or in a shop, you can rely on Sunex towork as hard as you do!