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Work Lights

You're the person that works beneath tons of steel everyday in order to keep the rest of the world rolling. With all that work under the hood and underneath a vehicle, good lighting is essential. As most gearheads know, the curves and grooves of a vehicle create some difficult lighting situations. And with so many nooks and crannies, your eyes need some assistance in order to get your work done. Good lighting is a great asset when working on any vehicle. Just because you have a good source of light in your shop or garage doesn't mean that you won't need another source when tackling those auto projects.  

Some lights are great at flooding a large area, like your ceiling lights and shop lights, but these lights will fail to show the details, the nooks, the crannies that you need to see to really get your job done. For this you need a work light. There are a variety of work light options available. And often you will need a large selection to accomplish your work. Lighting that is as mobile as you are. In some instances, you may need a work light, a flashlight, or you may need a small LED stick light to see under the dash or hood. At other times specific, tasks will require a certain lighting shape to light correctly. At Auto Body Now, we have you covered with flashlights, work lights, LED stick lights that come in various shapes and sizes. 

Just like the lighting industry is continuing to evolve and advance in order to make auto work easier, ABN will continue to evolve and advance our work light options, ensuring that you are getting the best work lights available.  With work lights from brands like TerraLUX, Steck, SureFire, Dewalt, Milwaukee, and moreABN provides some of the best work lighting instruments available all in one location. Now you can stock up on a vast number of work lights to make sure you can see it every time, with the greatest lighting instruments on the market. BN providing you the best and most advanced work lights to help you get the job done.