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Truck Bed Liner Kits & Products

Are you looking to get that professional truck bed liner look at a fraction of the cost as the professionals?

Have no fear. We have some great news for you! Auto Body Now offers only the highest quality do-it-yourself spray-on bed liner products!

Why spend hundreds of extra dollars on a professional, when in one simple afternoon you can achieve the same durable long lasting finish.

We carry POR-15 and Raptor Bed Liner products which are the finest DIY truck bed liner products on the market today! Our products can be used to finish off that awesome looking truck with a show stopping long lasting bed liner. You can also use as a sound deadener or to protect other areas of your vehicle. 

You can use these products on just about anything, but here are a few of the most popular places:

  • lnside of trailers
  • Inside our outside of toolboxes
  • Truck cabs
  • Tractor cabs
  • Inside your car and or trunk
  • Fenders
  • Chassis or your frame
  • Underside of your automotive bodies
  • Engine compartments
  • Any surface that is metal, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood that is exposed to scuffs or high impact environments



Our products are UV Stable which is important for the prevention of damage and fading due to the sun. They also are impact resistant, attractive, extremely flexible, and come in a finish that will allow you to get the maximum protection for any truck bed.

These products are extremely versatile and can be sprayed or rolled on, allowing you to obtain the exact type of texture you want. Whether you want to use our u-pol raptor bed liner kit or the POR-15 bed liner truck kit you will want to start off with scuffing the area to obtain a clean scuffed surface to allow for proper adhesion.

If bare metal is present, an acid primer may be required before rolling or spraying the bed liner product. Then, simply roll on or spray the product you want to finish and voila! You have brilliant finish that looks professionally done.