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Microflex is the brand giving you a hand on any auto project. For over 25 years, Microflex has developed gloves to help people do their job better while ensuring the highest quality protection for your hands. Known as "The Most Trusted Name in Gloves," Microflex gloves are the highest quality glove in terms of comfort and reliability. With an innovative approach to their glove design, Microflex gloves allow you to do your job easier. Microflex gloves provide the best fit and protection of any glove on the market. 

As a forerunner of new technologies and glove solutions, Microflex gloves continue to wow customers by exceeding expectations. Microlex is committed to do what it takes to keep customer's hands safe. With a focus on creativity, passion, and vision, Microflex vigorously tests their products, ensuring the same quality case after case.  

Auto Body Now carries Microflex's lines of Diamond Grip and MidKnight gloves. Diamond Grip gloves are the benchmark in strength and durability. These latex gloves provide enhanced protection, especially in the fingertips. With a unique design that prevents tears and rips, these gloves are ideal for rugged tasks in mid- to heavy-duty environments. If strength and durability is required of you on a daily basis, this is the glove for you.  

MidKnight gloves have a distinct black color that hides stains while offering a higher tensile strength than other products on the market. Powder-free and with no latex, MidKnight gloves allow hands to move freely and comfortably with a fully textured design and non-foaming formula that enables wearers to have a firm wet grip when handling objects. MidKnight gloves are the perfect fit for day-to-day hazard protection in environments that demand reliability, firm grip, and durability.  

MidKnight and Diamond Grip gloves are the only two gloves you need to protect your hands in your auto shop, garage, warehouse, etc. These gloves come in various sizes. To keep you hand's safe and protected, stock up on an assortment of Microflex gloves and protect you and your auto crew.