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The oldest and most trusted name in car care, Meguiars, has been manufacturing car care products since 1901. With world recognizable products, Meguiars products are among the greatest in the car care industry. The first product to come from Meguiars was a furniture polish that founder, Frank Meguiar, Jr., mixed with an eggbeater one bottle at a time. Talk about dedication 

With the introduction of the wooden automobiles, Frank saw an opportunity to expand his polishes into the car industry. Meguiar grew his business alongside the car, developing and designing his car care products to match the advances of the automobile. What began a century ago in a garage, now spans globally. An international car care brand, Meguiarsprovides highly specialized car care products for every thinkable surface in cars, boats, RVs, and so on.  
Meguiars products are designed with the perfectionist in mind. Auto Body Now carries a huge selection of Meguiars products, including compounds, pads, microfiber drying towels, headlight restoration kits, and more. ABN also offers Meguiars world famous Mirror Glass and Gold Class lines. If you are looking for the best Meguiars has to offer, look no further than Meguiars Ultimate product line, providing the best in shine and protection. From vinyl and rubber protectants to liquid wax to polish, Meguiars products have all your car needs covered.