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As we well know, abrasives are needed for any and all auto projects. With nearly every step of auto body work and car painting requiring some sort of abrasive, the highest quality abrasive tools are needed to handle the job all day, every day. Lucky for you, Auto Body Now carries a huge selection of abrasives for any and all auto needs. From brands like 3M, Sunmight, USC, Norton, Durablock and more, ABN is stocked with all the automotive and car abrasives you could ever need for your body shop, auto shop, or home garage.  

Sanding, filing, or grinding? ABN has the abrasive you need. If you are working on grinding welds, we have a vast selection of 3M grinding welds for you. If you need to prepare a car for paint or primer, we have sanding materials from Norton, Durablock, and 3M to get the job done. We carry the highest quality sanding boards, sanding pads, hand blocks, and hand file boards. These products work tough and last longer than other brands on the market, giving you the most out of each abrasive to save you time and money.  

If you need a little more power to get the job done, ABN also carries pneumatic sanders and grinders from Chicago Pneumatic, Astro Pneumatic, 3M, Ingersoll Rand, and Makita. From brands like these, you know you are getting the highest quality, toughest sanders and grinders on the market. Ensuring that you will get through your abrasive needs fast, so you can work to your max. tools and files to help you get your sanding done faster.  

Not all sandpaper is the same. Automotive sandpaper is deeper and has numerous grades, shapes, and sizes. Each type is designed to be used on different projects. The extremely coarse sandpaper is designed for body fillers, whereas the super fine sandpaper is for color sanding car paint. Some abrasives come with Velcro backing for a quick and easy change while other abrasives are made for wet or dry sanding. With many different degrees of coarseness, we have the sandpaper all auto projects.  

Regardless of you abrasive needs, whether it's sandpaper, grinding wheels, sanders or grinders, or grinding and sanding accessories such as grinding discs, wheels, prep pads, sandpaper blocks, ABN can load you up and keep you stocked on a multitude of brands that provide the highest quality automotive abrasives.