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Why Choose Microfiber Clothes for Use with Your Car

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are one of the greatest cloth inventions. They can be used for cleaning tasks in the home, garage, office, and more. But above being multipurpose, microfiber cloths are the ideal cleaning and drying cloth for your vehicle.

Benefits of microfiber

Microfiber cloths are made from blended microfiber, which has the ability to pick up and hold dirt, dust, other contaminants, moisture, and bacteria in the fibers while cleaning or drying a surface. Microfibers pull grime up and away from an applied surface, preventing scratching, swirling, lint, and surface damage. Small microfibers are able to penetrate cracks, grooves, and other crevices on a surface. The result is a visibly clean difference. 

Whether inside or outside, these cloths handle the toughest grease, grime, dirt, dust, and spills while being gentle on surfaces. These combined qualities make microfiber cloths the perfect option for use on vehicles. Microfiber cloths’ non-abrasive design will clean and dry a vehicle without scratching. The plush, super-soft microfiber provides a scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free finish when washing. The uncut loops in the fabric provide a soft, comfortable texture that maintains high absorbency when compared to a regular cloth. Additionally, these clothes dry in half the time and can be used with or without chemicals or detergents.

Cleaning Instructions
Microfiber cloths are machine washable. Once the cloths are dirty, simply toss them in the laundry to use again and again. They should be washed separate from other laundry to avoid lint and other particulates from clinging. To wash, set the washer on cold to warm water. Use liquid detergent rather than powder - powder detergent will trap fibers and can potentially cause scratching of surfaces during future use. To dry microfiber, set the dryer on the lowest heat setting without dryer sheets or other fabric softeners. Avoid bleach. Bleach and fabric softener can damage and clog the microfibers. Dryer sheets will degrade the magnetic pull of the microfibers.

microfiber cloth

What’s the point?

Unlike a regular cloth, using microfiber guarantees a safe car washing or wipe down without swirls or streaks. Microfiber allows you to apply extreme force to your vehicle surface without worry of scratching or damage to the paint. And it doesn’t require chemicals or other products to be effective. Use the cloth wet or dry. No matter how the cloth is used, results will be seen immediately. Finally, microfiber cloths are inexpensive. All in all, microfiber cloths are an affordable investment that will create a long-term benefit.

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