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ABN Offers Life Saving Products- G2X Saves Lives in Helo Crash

Posted by Barry Kukes on

My name is Scott, and I've been flying as a flight RN (registered nurse), doing helicopter rescue work for about 20 years. Part of my flight suit gear, which I never depart without, is my SureFire G2X Pro, which fits nicely in my flight suit. One evening, we had mandatory NVG (night vision goggles) recertification training, where we had to go out with the pilot and FAA Check Airman, utilizing our NVGs. My regular pilot went into a bank, and at that point, the hydraulics locked up, rendering flying the aircraft impossible. Our altitude was about 500 feet, and it didn’t take long to hit the ground. It was a hellish sound, impacting the ground, making everything black immediately. The turbine engine above me was still running but destroying itself. Both pilots were knocked unconscious and unable to shut down the aircraft.

Remembering our training on how to shut down the aircraft, I looked up for the master switch, but the entire roof was missing and there was NO switch to turn off. My second option was to find the throttle. It was pitch black in the desert and, without my SureFire flashlight, I'd never have found the throttle through the unconscious pilots and debris. I managed to roll the throttle off after finding it, and the horrid sound of the self-destroying turbine engine finally stopped. I knew that we would all live at that point.

Thank you, SureFire, for creating such a robust light. It saved all three of our lives that night—without a doubt.

 Scott T.
Norman, Oklahoma

 The G2X Pro is a compact yet powerful polymer-body flashlight that uses a high-efficiency LED—virtually immune to failure since there's no filament to burn out or break—to provide two light output levels: a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 320-lumen beam, and a 15-lumen low-output setting that lets you greatly extend the runtime per set of batteries, an invaluable option when you find yourself miles from civilization. Press the tailcap switch for momentary-on low, press further to click constant-on low, return to off and press or click on again within two seconds for high. The tough Nitrolon® polymer body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wider beam with generous peripheral light. We also make an aerospace aluminum-body version of this light, the 6PX Pro, and a single-output version with a tactical tailcap switch, the G2X Tactical.


  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize light output and runtime
  • Two output levels—high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
  • Tough polycarbonate window resists impact
  • Tough Nitrolon® body, anodized aluminum bezel
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch—press for momentary-on low, click for constant-on low, return to off then press or click again for high
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life

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