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Grit Guard: A Car Wash’s Best Kept Secret

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Grit Guard: A Car Wash’s Best Kept Secret

Previously, we have discussed utilizing the two-bucket wash method for the most efficient, effective car wash. What we didn’t discuss is the added accessory designed to further protect your vehicle’s paint while utilizing the two-bucket wash method. During a car wash, your paint is more vulnerable to scratching because of loose particulates that can become trapped in your wash mitt and rub against your vehicle surface. Luckily, there is a solution: the Grit Guard.

Grit Guard Insert

blue grit guard

The Grit Guard Insert is a circular insert that lies at the base of your wash bucket in order to keep particles, grime, and particulates off your wash mitt. The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of most 3-5 gallon buckets and works to extract grit from your wash mitt when dragged across the Grit Guard surface. The dirt then settles on the bottom of the bucket, away from your wash mitt, keeping your water clean. The four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard calm the wash water and hold the grit above the bottom of the bucket, so dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. These handy car washing tools are pretty easy to find. Check your local auto parts and supplies store, or you can find one at

  • Fits most 3.5 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon, and 6 gallon buckets.
  • Comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and white.

Grit Guard Washboard

The Grit Guard Washboard is a half-circle washboard that attaches askew on top of the Grit Guard Insert. It works in conjunction with your Grit Guard Insert in a wash bucket to separate grit from your wash mitt. The Grit Guard Washboard has no flat surfaces for particulates to collect, so the grime cannot adhere. Rub the cleaning tool in a downward stroke against the Grit Guard Washboard to extract grime from your mitt. All harmful contaminants settle at the bottom of the bucket below the Grit Guard Insert.

  • Comes in black.

The Grit Guard Insert and Grit Guard Washboard work together as the ideal duo for car washing. You'll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket! The Grit Guard combo is an outstanding tool that removes dirt and debris from your wash mitt, keeps dirt and debris out of your wash water, and prevents scratching to your vehicle surface. If you want the confidence of knowing you have taken every precaution to protect your vehicle, add the Grit Guard to your car wash arsenal. Prepare for a swirl-free, scratch-free car wash.



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