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Finding the perfect gift for the gearhead on your list

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

The holiday season is just around the corner. And although the holidays are still a few months away, it’s about time to start shopping for every person on your list. Between shopping for relatives and close friends in your world, gift giving for the car lover is often procrastinated due to uncertainty of what to buy. However, when a person waits until November, stress levels skyrocket from the anxiety of finding the perfect gift and, likely, a person will buy something unsatisfactory.


Spending time in a bunch of stores trying to guess what to buy is a less than desirable option. And asking the person you are buying for directly takes away the fun and surprise that comes with gift-giving.


Auto Body Now has a few suggestions to help simplify the shopping process. ABN suggests sneaking a peak into the gearhead’s toolbox. Gauge holiday shopping based off of what is missing. Also keep in mind if you just have no idea what the toolbox needs or think the owner of the box should really make that decision, an ABN Gift Card makes a great gift as well.

 ABN Gift Card 

Tool box

No tool box? Start there! Tool boxes are a great gift. Whether a younger car lover just starting to collect tools or the sporadic tinkerer, everyone will appreciate a new tool box. A new tool box is also a great gift idea if the person’s current tool box seems too small or insufficient.


Socket organizer

Is there a drawer full of loose sockets? Buy that gearhead a socket organizer. This allows for easier organization of socket.



If he or she has organizers, find what numbers are missing and buy replacement sockets. Why replace sockets? Because nothing is more frustrating than having to convert the 1/2” drive to 3/8” drive in order to use a 15mm.


Torque wrench

Torque wrenches are an exceptionally helpful tool that many auto enthusiasts don’t spend the money on. Though a beneficial tool with versatile uses, torque wrenches are still considered a luxury. This is the perfect gift because everyone would love to own one, but very few people actually buy torque wrenches personally. To find out more about the torque wrenches, read the ABN blog post talking about them in detail.


Safety equipment

From safety glasses to gloves, safety equipment is the perfect gift. Though it may seem practical, safety equipment protects loved ones. Plus, this gift will get plenty of use! No one wants sand falling in the eyes when under the car, so safety goggles are a must. Gloves create cushion for those times when the bolt breaks free causing a fist to slam into the motor. Rather than having a mauled, bloody hand, the auto enthusiast’s hands will be protected. There are many types of gloves-some to cushion and some that protect in cold environments.


Microfiber towels

Though this may not seem like the most exciting gift, there can never be enough microfiber towels lying around. These could be used as a stocking stuffer or as an additional gift. To find out more about the microfiber towels, read the ABN blog post talking about them in detail.



Magnetic telescope

Often when working on a car, small parts fall into the motor. Magnetic telescopes are perfect. They can fit in those tight spaces that a hand is unable to squeeze into. Like the torque wrench, the magnetic telescope will be able to grab and pick up metal parts.


Wide variety of screw drivers

There are multiple different screw drivers that exist. And having each is beneficial because they can fit many different applications.


Variety of pliers

There are many different styles of pliers that can be used for everything from cutting wire to holding bolts to pinching fluid lines and more.


Some of these gifts will range for ten bucks all the way up to hundreds of dollars. The toolbox is a window into the gearhead’s car loving soul. This year rest assured that the perfect gift is wrapped and under the tree waiting to be opened. ABN is here for you in the garage, in the auto shop, and when it’s time to shop. In fact, every one of these gifts can be purchased at to make everything convenient and easy. And ABN will ship any size order free to the continental US.


From one car family to another,  

-Auto Body Now

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