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ABN Jumper Cables Will Save The Day, Hassle Free

Posted by Meredith Lawrence on

With winter upon us the last thing you need is a dead car battery, but with the ABN Jumper Cables the inconvenience of a dead battery can be quickly fixed, without hassle. Make sure your whole family is prepared for a dead battery with ABN's Jumper Cables so that no one is late for work, school, or left stranded in the cold. 


  • Work in all weather conditions
  • Tangle-free
  • Heavy-duty, rubber-coded cables give secure connection
  • Color coded clamps 
  • Generous length enabling sufficient room to connect 

ABN Jumper Cables work in all conditions regardless of the weather. Their tangle-free operation makes for quick use and outstanding performance. Built with heavy duty, rubber-coded cables giving a secure connection, clamps are color coded for easy use. Their generous length enables the user sufficient room to connect the two vehicles side by side, or front to back. 

    ABN offers two different jumper cable options to complement your vehicle:

    • ABN 9012 are 600 Amp commercial grade 25 foot Jumper Cables that can be used for semis, buses, RVs, tractors and other commercial vehicles
    • ABN 9029 are 300 Amp grade 16 foot Jumper Cables that can be used on cars, SUVs, trucks and other outdoor equipment

    To order the ABN 9012 click here


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