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ABN 11-Piece Trim Removal Tool Kit is a must have for any auto body enthusiast

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The ABN 6211 Trim Removal Set is a premium trim, molding, and fastener removal system that includes the 11 most popular removal tools. Each item is precision-made for job-specific trim removal. Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic that is specifically designed to prevent scratches and damage to surfaces. Lightweight design is made to fit in hard to reach areas. Universal fit removers work with all makes and models of vehicles. Some of the many uses for the ABN 6211 Trim Removal Tool Kit: Interior/ Exterior of Vehicles, Clips, Trim Pads, Door Panels, Vents, Upholstery, Auto Detailing, Boats, RVs, Garage Work, Home Repairs, and DIY projects.


  • 1) flat clip panel remover
  • (1) straight panel remover
  • (1) sharp panel remover
  • (1) panel remover
  • (1) clip panel remover
  • (1) angled clip panel remover
  • (1) upholstery clip remover
  • (1) narrow remover
  • (1) handy remover
  • (1) circular pull remover
  • (1) wide remover

Multiple Applications
Designed for use in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries as well as applications in the home, garage, and on DIY projects.

Durable Construction
Heavy-duty ABS Plastic allows for greater leverage without causing damage.

Convenient Storage
Stores in a cloth pouch that can rest flat on a dash or fender for easy tool access.

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