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A winter miracle for your vehicle windshield

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Winter is coming, along with blizzards, snow, ice, sleet, and every other environmental malady that will freeze a windshield. One of the least desirable tasks that accompany winter is window scraping. The ABN Frost Block Windshield Snow Cover is a life-changing miracle during the winter months ahead. With it, a person will no longer have to stand outside a vehicle in the freezing temperatures scrapping and hacking at that windshield.

No one wants to sit outside scraping a window in the cold. Especially in the early morning immediately after rolling out of bed five minutes early to accommodate the additional time needed to defrost a vehicle. In fact, the idea of walking outside in the ice cold to scrape at a windshield instantly sends a chilly frustration down the spine. Not the best way to start the morning. Five more minutes of sleep is five more minutes!!  

Mornings, headed to and from work, or any other time driving is required, scraping windows is a five-minute torture session. The ABN Frost Block changes all this. Remember the windshield sun cover? The ABN Frost Guard is the winter version. Rather than repel heat, it repels snow, ice and frost. Think of it as a giant warm hug enveloping your windshield.

Frost Guards work by covering the windshield with durable, weather-resistant material that prevents snow, ice, and frost from adhering by creating a barrier. The ABN Frost Block installs in seconds, just place the ABN Frost Block on top of the front windshield and attach the straps to the vehicle’s side mirrors. It is designed to fit most cars and trucks, measuring 31" x 62" when fully extended with a 7" wiper flap located at the bottom. This flap keeps wiper blades free of ice and snow—preventing streaks and wet smears when in use while driving.

Easy installation, no front windshield scraping, and no ice on your wiper blade, just three of many reasons that the ABN Frost Guard is the perfect winter item to simplify life. ABN Frost Block is the perfect winter item for a personal vehicles or a great gift for that special someone. Skip the scraping and make winter more enjoyable by grabbing a Frost Guard today.

The Frost Block may protect your windshield, but ABN will protect your entire vehicle. From car care to specialty tools, has everything needed to keep a vehicle in top condition during winter and otherwise.

From one car family to another,  

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