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Easy Fluid Transfer with the ABN Multi-Use Pump

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Auto Body Now 1100 Multi-Use Pump is a hand-held pump that can be used as a gas pump, liquid pump, or siphon. Why is the multi-pump a good investment? With this pump, you no longer have to run the risk of swallowing dangerous gases to siphon a tank. Instead, this lightweight system allows for rapid liquid or gas transfer through a pump system rather than inhalation. Siphoned liquid quickly, in only a few minutes fluid will be transferred. 

As an added bonus, this item includes an air adapter kit that can pump bike tires, balls, air mattresses, or anything else that needs to be blown up on the go. Inflation needle not included.

Simply and easy to use:

  1. Place one end of the pump into the fluid you need to remove
  2. Place the opposite end into the container you wish to transfer the fluid into.
  3. Hold the pump with a firm grip.
  4. Pump up and down.
  5. Watch fluid transfer.

Purchase the ABN Multi-Use Pump at:

To see how to use the ABN Multi-Use Pump:

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