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Keep Your Ride Spot Free with the ABN 1749 Auto Squeegee

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

If you experience spring weather similar to South Dakota, you know weather switches between wet and dry continuously. One day you are experiencing April showers, the next a warm sunny day, followed by with the year's final snowstorm, all leaving your vehicle covered in environmental contaminants. Additionally, with the wrap up of winter, you have the final layering of salt underneath your vehicle from snow removal.

What does this mean? The continual need for car washing. Whether you are washing your car at home or at a car wash, after the washing is complete, there is that pesky issue of excess water that leave spots on your vehicle while driving. The car wash dryers never quite dry the vehicle perfectly, and if you are washing at home, you are left doing everything your self by hand.

The ABN 1749 12" Auto Squeegee can remove that excess water fast. Whether you have completed the wash yourself or at the car wash, the ABN 1749 12" Auto Squeegee will remove those water droplets quick and easy. So you can drive in confidence, knowing your car is spotfree.



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