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Why the ABN Clay Bar Towel Sheds Time Off Exterior Cleaning

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Are you looking for a way to speed up your exterior cleaning and detailing? Then look no further! The ABN Clay Bar Towel provides a more effective method of removing contaminants. This towel goes above and beyond a traditional microfiber towel, working like a clay bar to remove grime and environmental contaminants. Constructed with microfiber on one side and high-tech polymerized rubber coating on the other, this towel is sure to clean your vehicle surface without scratching paint. Polymerized rubber coating grabs surface contaminants, pulling them away from your vehicle surface, and microfiber pulls contaminants into the cloth away from your vehicle as well.

ABN Clay Bar Towel is the cost effective way to leave your vehicle's paint free from contaminants, providing up to 40-50 applications per towel! Unlike a traditional clay bar, if you drop this cloth on the ground, it's no problem. Pick it up, wipe it off, and rinse with water. To wash, use water and mild soap. Note: Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the ABN Clay Bar Towel. 


Keep In Mind:

1. Get the towel wet before using.

2. Use only on clean, cool paint surfaces, out of direct sunlight.

3. Do not use on surfaces about 145 °F.

4. Not resistant to solvents.

5. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

6. Clean with car shampoo or clay lubricant.


Check Clint and Mikey out in the ABN Garage putting the ABN Clay Bar Towel to work!

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